Mid-America Celebrates Distinction

Warming home exteriors with distinctive details and custom looks, Mid-America Siding Components is celebrating more than 40 years of growth and success in meeting homeowners’ diverse needs across the country.

Providing unmatched versatility and value, backed by the innovation and service of The Tapco Group®, Mid- America’s broad array of low-maintenance products will continue trending and evolving into the future with consumers’ decorative preferences and functional requirements. Mid-America brings personalized touches to every home.

Unlike other exterior products, Mid-America’s inviting solutions install seamlessly on all types of homes. Whether your siding is fiber-cement, vinyl, brick, stone, stucco, or another type of material, Mid-America’s highly versatile products make bold, beautiful, and unique statements. Solutions include elegant shutters, window headers, door surrounds, gable and utility vents, mounting blocks, and more. These decorative and functional details let consumers and contractors quickly and easily enrich architectural aesthetics and curb appeal. With Mid-America, creating a warm, friendly exterior is simple.

Because Mid-America’s carefree-maintenance products have such versatile applications, they address the wide-ranging decorative needs and trends nationwide in all climates—from hot and humid to cold regions with heavy snow and ice. Their warm shutters, window and door trim, vents, and mounting blocks are durable finishing touches that withstand the elements, retaining flawless beauty and function when installed on any siding.

For instance, whether your home is clad in fiber-cement or vinyl, it’s a snap to personalize using Mid-America’s rustic Board-N-Batten™ Shutters in deep colors with matching Flat Panel Window Headers, welcoming door surrounds, enchanting gable vents, and utility vents and mounting blocks with water management capabilities, including SturdiMount® by Mid-America.

For four decades, Mid-America has beautified home exteriors with top-tier products that provide the custom looks consumers desire today and tomorrow. With a longstanding, successful track record of developing exterior products with custom flair, Mid-America always focuses on future growth. Homeowners and contractors alike are assured quality, customization, innovation, and superior service with Tapco backing every product for eye-catching exteriors that stand the test of time.

With the largest selection of captivating, weather-resistant SolidThru™ colors, styles, and sizes, Mid-America products hold up to all climate conditions and help you finish home siding projects to perfection. For easy installation and long-lasting beauty, Mid-America’s innovative exterior products are engineered to very exacting standards. Manufactured in the U.S.A., Mid-America’s diverse products are strong, low- maintenance, and designed to last for enduring beauty.

Gracing more homes across the country every day, Mid-America will continue to give exteriors customized style that adds value and curb appeal. Commemorating its 40-year anniversary, Mid-America is also introducing a fresh brand logo reflecting its forward-thinking approach to making homes more distinctive, now and into the future. Mid-America brings beautiful details home.

From shutters and window headers to gable vents and mounting blocks, Mid- America Siding Components install seamlessly on all types of home siding, including fiber-cement, vinyl, brick, stone, and stucco.

About The Tapco Group

Mid-America Siding Components® and SturdiMount® are products of The Tapco Group®, a U.S. Green Building Council member. For more information, call 1- 800-521-8486 or visit www.TheTapcoGroup.com

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